Free Meditation/lower-cost Counselling to help during the Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus is completely changing the way we live our lives and therefore for a period of time I will be offering lower-cost counselling sessions either online or over the phone. This will allow me to continue to contribute to your mental health whilst still maintaining the current rules around isolation. Use promotional code, online2020, to claim the discounted rate. Please click here to book an appointment.

“Mindfulness” practice offers a way for you to disengage from the hectic world around you, by focussing your attention inward. In mindfulness practice, clients learn to use their breath as a vehicle to create inner peace. By connecting to their breath, clients can disconnect from upsetting thoughts, emotions and other stressors that disrupt their inner peace. However, like many abstract concepts, the concept of inner peace may be difficult for clients to understand.

By completing the contact form in the footer below, I will send you, for free, the Hurricane mindfulness meditation, created by Hugo Alberts (PhD) and Lucinda Poole (PsyD), two Psychologists, to help deal with any crises.

In this meditation, the concept of inner peace is clarified by using a hurricane as a metaphor. Within the strong, turbulent winds of a hurricane is the eye, a calm, quiet, centred space. The goal is to help clients to explore inner peace by using their breath to become like the eye of the hurricane; the silent part of themselves that can notice difficult or challenging experiences, without getting caught up and carried away by them.

Feel free to contact me to arrange an online or telephonic consultation.

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