“Your present moment doesn’t determine where you can go; it merely determines where you start” ​… Nido Qubein

Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

How Modern Society impacts our Confidence & Self-esteem

“Technology has enforced upon society the conditions whereby everybody requires instantaneous gratification. We want acknowledgement of everything we do all the time and we seek to maintain the attention of a large populous of strangers and acquaintances we couldn’t really care about but depend upon to feel good about ourselves.” Chris Herd

Modern Society, as Herd points out, is inundated by celebrities, Facebook, Instagram etc. where beautiful people are living perfect lives without any concerns or worries. We are bombarded by these perfect ways of being and unfortunately more and more people are feeling inadequate, not good enough, lacking confidence and subsequently developing low self worth which can make life very difficult. Having confidence and self-esteem is essential in order not only to feel happy but also to be able to achieve things in life.

Contact me to help you to focus on the these issues and how they impact you personally. Once you get to know yourself better, you will naturally start feeling more confident, and with time, self-esteem and self worth will develop.

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